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The Spring 2022 issue of First & Fastest includes:

Pullman Railroad Days:
People, Progress & Innovation, May 14-15, 2022

by Mike Matejka

CTA News
by Shore Line Staff

Recollections of the Old CA&E
by Stanley T. Bristol

Richard H. (Dick) George: January 16, 1920 – October 24, 2021
by Walter R. Keevil

Dick George's Favorite Interurban: The Indiana Railroad System
Photography of Richard T. Loane, W. R. Keevil Archive,
Captions by Norman Carlson

North Shore Line Cars in Orange and Maroon: A Photo Feature
edited by Norman Carlson

Illinois Central Tidbits
by Norman Carlson

Loops Not in the Loop
by Richard F. Begley

Guards: A Forgotten Work Classification on the "L"
by Bruce G. Moffat.
All Photos from the Author's Collection

South Shore Line's E Units
by Norman Carlson

Construction Begins in 2022: West Lake and Double Track
by Norman Carlson

Metra News

54 Years of Seniority: The Railroad Career of J.J. Keigley
by Norman Carlson, Bon French and Mark Llanuza

Insull's Smaller Empire
conducted by Eric Bronsky


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  First & Fastest, Spring 2022  
  Covers: As morning dawns over the city of Chicago, the downtown skyline provides a dramatic backdrop for CTA’s newest section of rail infrastructure and first new section of main line trackage in 28 years, which had opened for service a few hours earlier. This aerial view on November 19, 2021 is looking southeast at Clark Junction, where the Red and Brown lines split just north of Belmont station. It shows the Red-Purple Bypass track newly in service and demonstrating its intended purpose—a Kimball-bound Brown Line train is passing over a Howard-bound Red Line train on the main line without either train conflicting with the other. Meanwhile, a Brown Line train toward the Loop is coming off the original 1907 Ravenswood branch elevated trackage onto the main line. —Keenan McCarthy photo
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