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The following back issues are available from Shore Line. Only a few of the articles in each issue are mentioned in the description of contents. Every issue has additional articles about Chicagoland railroads and a model railroad.

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Spring 2020:
UP's C&NW Twins, Last Ride on NSL, Chicago Streetcars, Happy 100th Dick George, Illinois Traction in Peoria, and more!


Summer 2020:
Logan Square, Milwaukee Railroader to Metra, First Trip on the South Shore, CA&E Lost Its "C," Pullman, and more!


Autumn 2020:
52 Years with John Appel, Burlington Route Way of the Zephyrs, The Electric, Franklin Street, The 500s in Milwaukee, TM to the Lakes of Muskego, Steam-Powered Passenger Trains, and more!


Winter 2020:
Metra 2020, World's Columbian Exposition, Metropolitan's 2756, Snow and Rain Photo Essay, Views of Evanston, CSL: The Streetcar Company That Owned No Streetcars, West Towns, and more!


Spring 2021:
Metra 2020, World's Columbian Exposition of 1893, Illinois Terminal Railroad in Peoria: 1930–1950, Northwestern Elevated 24 Comes Full Circle, RPM Project Meets Challenges and Milestones, and more!


Summer 2021:
On CA&E's Branches: Photography of Stanley T. Bristol, Growing Up Along the North Shore, My Favorite Hometown Railroad, Working on the IC Was a Family Tradition, Last Station Stop in a Street, Branch Line Apprentice, and more!


Autumn 2021:
The End Is Approaching: South Shore Line on the Streets of Michigan City, On CA&E's Mainline: Photography of Stanley T. Bristol, Modernized Cars for Skokie Valley Route Service, Auburn Park, Rochelle, TM's 1100-Series Cars, and more!


Winter 2021:
South Shore Freight Centennial, Towering Adventures-Part 8: ICG's Commuter Services Office, WC's Suburban Service, Winter 2020-21, C&NW in Evanston During the Early 1930s, CA&E's Steel Trailers, 2021 Metra Special Trains, and more!


Spring 2022:
Pullman Railroad Days, CTA News, The Old CA&E, Dick George’s Favorite Interurban: The Indiana Railroad System, North Shore Line Cars in Orange and Maroon, Illinois Central Tidbits, Loops Not in the Loop, Guards, and more!


Summer 2022:
Returning a North Shore Silverliner to Passenger Service, Last Day of Milwaukee Streetcars, The Long and Tortured History of Milwaukee’s Streetcar, TM’s Milwaukee-Racine-Kenosha Line, Indiana’s Railroad of the Past, and more!


Autumn 2022:
Pullman Railroad Days 2022, South Shore Line’s West Lake Corridor, CTA’s All-Express Service, Train-Watching in Glen Ellyn: 1936-58, North Shore Line’s Last Summer, The “Dinky Line,” Wendell’s West Towns, and more!


Winter 2022:
Metra Provides Helper Service, Soo Line 1003 Comes to Chicago, 50 to 70 Years Ago on 11th Street, Michigan City, Office Car Special, Double Track to Gary, 65 Years Since the CA&E Suspended Passenger Service, and more!


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